Bulletin 2018-01-21

When bad weather threatens the cancellation of our services, a decision will be made as soon as possible by our deacon body and everyone will receive notification. If you receive Bro. Leroy’s emails or texts, then you will receive notification through them. Time permitting cancellations will also be posted to our website & Facebook page. If you do not receive email or text, then you will receive a call from one of the deacons. If you do not receive notification, please contact one of the deacons or Bro Leroy and they will make sure that you are added to a list and receive future notifications.

Just a reminder that today is the content deadline for next month’s newsletter. Leaders, please let Bro Leroy know the details if your ministry has any special upcoming events, especially for February.

Next Sunday at 5 pm is our annual Dreams Missions Goals meeting. We hope everyone will make a special effort to come out and not only attend but participate in this year’s meeting.